Giving help directly for education & social welfare for the needy in Kerala, India
Registered Charity No. 1119772
This is the brief update of the TED Foundation activities for the period from January 2022 to June 2022.

At present, the Ted Foundation is sponsoring 294 children from the economically backward families from the tsunami-affected area of Alappad village and 7 children from the remote hilly rural villages of Idukki District. So far, 53 children have completed their education with the support of Ted Foundation.

The quarterly meeting of the sponsored children was interrupted due to pandemic restrictions. As per the government guidelines, all types of gatherings were restricted to prevent the outbreak of covid19. So we visited the children in their neighbourhood groups and distributed the special gifts/financial support and extra tuition fees. The schools are not functioning due to pandemic protocols issued by the Government. So the children are attending online classes through the different online platforms. We visited the sponsored children in their neighbourhood groups on 2nd January 2022, 13th March 2022 and 16th April 2022 and distributed the financial help and special gifts.

We have distributed the school items to all sponsored children on 29th May 2022 at Alappad project. There were no general meetings on that day. The children are directed to come as small groups based on their neighbourhood groups to the community hall for receiving their school items. We have distributed all the school items including school bags, note books, pen, pencil, scale, eraser, colour pencils, white paper etc. The task was completed with the help of the mother coordinators and senior children. The schools across Kerala have reopened in a full-fledged manner after being closed for more than 2 years due to covid19 pandemic.

We have visited the sponsored children on 31st May 2022. There are 7 sponsored children in the Idukki Project. They are living in the remote rural hilly villages of Idukki district. We have distributed all the school items including school bags, note books, pen, pencil, scale, eraser, coloured pencils, white paper etc. As part of the pandemic precautions, we have distributed the school items to the children in two different locations in Idukki district. We have also given cash gifts to all children for attending extra tuition classes.

The following 6 children have received Keith Cartwright Memorial Award for their outstanding performance with full A+ in their annual examinations. 089-Aryananda.S, 115-Bismiya.B, 128-Abhijith.B, 133-Devika.S, 163-Alaka.A & 245-Aswathy.M.

We have given cash/special gifts to 56 children in Alappad and Idukki Projects. Medical emergency help was given to 199-Aromal for his kidney disease treatment and 112-Ananathan for his covid treatment.  

Smart phones were given to 13 children for attending online classes during the pandemic period. Bicycles were given to 176-Keerthana.S, 286- Rohith.R &274-Aparna Harikumar. Total 3 children received the gift of bicycles from their sponsors.
Higher education assistance was given to 151 children during this period.

The TED Foundation in association with KeralaLink has started a new social initiative- Help A Kerala Child - an Educational Support Project in Alappuzha District in Kerala State. There are 15 children from the coastal villages of Arattupuzha Panchayath is sponsored in this new initiative. School items for the new academic year were also distributed to these children. English coaching classes have been started with a purpose to improve the communication skills of the children. The children are attending the online English lessons on every Saturday and Sunday. 

The IT Centre is now equipped with 9 Desktop computers, 2 laptop computers with broadband connection. The IT Centre provides online services for the children to search for their exam results and to apply for higher education courses and imparting computer education. It is also very useful for the children to download the academic books and attend the online classes in this pandemic situation.  

A reference library is also functioning with the IT Centre. 186 Malayalam Books and 279 English Books are available for reference.