Giving help directly for education & social welfare for the needy in Kerala, India
Registered Charity No. 1119772
Project Aims
Envisioned by Linda Cartwright and Sunil Varkey, Ted Foundation launched its programme, Educational Sponsorship Project, in the year 2007 January in Alappad Village of Kerala and agreed to support 10 children.
Ever since the inception of the Project, quite a lot of remarkable changes have been taken place in the lives of most vulnerable children and their families inflicted by the repercussions of Tsunami. Due to the tsunami people lost their houses, fishing boats and nets and moved to temporarily constructed shelters. This consequently affected the education of the children with little facilities to continue their studies. Although number of voluntary organisations extended support to construct houses for the deprived families, the educational needs of the children were still unmet. In this context the Educational Sponsorship Project of Ted Foundation supported by the benevolent sponsors has been successfully making long lasting impact on the lives of children through supporting them for their education.
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