Giving help directly for education & social welfare for the needy in Kerala, India
Registered Charity No. 1119772
About Us
The Ted Foundation is a small charity, founded in 2007
100% of the money received goes directly to the children and their families and community – there are no overheads.
The Ted Foundation is simply named after the deceased father of one of the founders, because he had said that people should help others if they can.
It is just people helping people using voluntary help to eliminate overheads and to make the best use of resources and to eliminate corruption and waste.
It was formed by two people talking, one English and one Indian, thinking out an idea to help people in Kerala, India, where there are so many people in need of financial help; the kind that isn’t getting through from other sources.
The Ted Foundation has also paid for a kitchen boy to be re-trained and a blind student has been given a computer with Braille facilities.
It is focused in Kerala because of the good connections with volunteers in this area, and to keep it manageable regarding funding getting directly to the needy, and monitoring and feed-back is better controlled.
Using experienced Social Worker volunteers, the projects are well-managed and the children and their families are extremely happy to be supported in this way.
After supporting many charities, some over a long period of time, here was an opportunity to do something directly and making a little money go a very long way.
This charity is Free of discrimination, for any reason ,Free of restraints from any outside body, Trying to do its best to make life better.
An appeal to help others in need

The Ted Foundation supports school children and their families in south India who are in the Below Poverty Line category, by supplying educational needs, school uniforms, books etc. to help them in their studies to secure a better life. This helps to keep children at school and encourages them in their lives.

As a fully volunteer run organisation there are simply no overheads, so EVERY penny donated gets put to good use.
People just donate their money, their time or their talents to make this possible. It CAN be done – and IS being done!

Sponsorship of one child costs just £3.00 an month or £36 a year! (That’s because it all goes to the project and not on overheads)